Edit Maps in Time to Tell Time



Edit a Map

Click on the Edit or Play button to switch between editing maps and playing the game. Note that this option is only available in the purchased edition.

The Edit or Play mode is visible in the corner of the display


There are six tabs in the editor toolbox:

  • Terrain
  • Clock towers (friends and enemies)
  • Destructible items (houses, walls, firepits, …)
  • Environment (trees, stones… as well as powerups)
  • Game settings (ambient color, time of day, clock steps…)
  • Extra (background music)


You set the desired terrain height and water level by dragging the slider up or down. You can then paint the terrain on the map. The blue bar represents the water level and the green bar the ground. If the blue bar is taller than the green, you will see the water.

Terrain – ground and water level.

If you want to use the same height and color as a current area in the map, press and hold your finger onto that area for more than one second and the terrain settings will be copied.

The brush size decides how many tiles are affected while you are painting the terrain.

The Brush Size tool

There are 20 terrain colors and they can all be altered if needed. Note that the ambient color and the time of the day (see the Environment tab) affects how the colors will look like.

Terrain colors.

You can only work with the terrain while the Terrain Tab is selected. If you want to select a unit or item on the map (see the section below), you first have to select one of the other tabs before you click on the item on the map to select it.

Clock Towers

The clock towers, both friendly and enemies, are added from the Clock Towers Tab.

The Clock Towers Tab.

The sliders are used to alter the units:

  • Rotation
  • Heath (how tall the unit is)
  • Vision (how far the unit can see)
  • Distance (how many tiles the unit can move each round)
  • Range (how far the unit can shoot)
  • Ammunition (how many shots are fired)

At the bottom of the tab there three more buttons:

  • Clock face (to change the unit’s clock face)
  • Hands (to change the unit’s clock hands)
  • Delete (to delete the unit)

Destructible items

Destructible items are properties which belong to either the Analog or Digital Kingdom and can be destroyed by the other side.

The Destructible Items Tab.

The sliders are used to alter the items:

  • Rotation
  • Health (how many hits before it is destroyed)
  • Vision (how far the item can see – friendly items reveals the map)
  • Range (how far the unit can move – set it to zero for all static items)

The checkbox at the bottom of the tab should be checked if it is a friendly item, and unchecked if it belongs to the Digital Kingdom. You can only fire on units which belong to the enemy.

Tap on the Delete button to remove the currently selected item.


Environment properties are trees, stones, bushes, and other items which makes the world more interesting. These items can’t be destroyed in gameplay and are purely decorative.

The Environment Tab

The Slider is used to rotate the currently selected item.

The Delete button will remove the currently selected item.

Game settings

Ambient Color and the Time of Day affects the whole map and is very useful to create dramatic effects. The background color is used behind the map.

Ambient Color and Time of Day
Background and Ambient Color, beside the Time of Day.

The Timestep control is used to select how difficult the enemy clocks will be:

  • One minute (very hard)
  • Five minutes
  • Quarters of an hour
  • Half hours
  • Whole hours (very easy)


On the final tab, you can select the level’s background music.

Background Music

Common Controls

While editing you need the common options which are always available at the bottom of the screen.

Common Controls
  • UnDo
  • ReDo
  • Create new map
  • Map image (for development)
  • Test

The Test button is very useful to quickly enter play-mode and test your new design. Remember to first add a friendly unit as well as an enemy before you start the test, or you will immediately win or lose.