Instructions – Time to Tell Time

Use your fingers to slide, rotate, and zoom in the game world.

Pan Rotate Zoom
Use your fingers to slide, rotate and zoom in the game world.


You select one of your clock towers by tapping on it. You will then see green markers on all locations in the world you can move to. Tap on one of these green markers and your clock tower moves to that location. Note that each tower can only travel a certain amount of steps in each round.

As your units move, more of the map is revealed.

Move units in Time to Tell Time
Tap on the green markers to move the unit.


If there is an enemy tower close enough, it will either have a red or a yellow marker underneath. A red marker means that our unit can fire from our current position. A yellow marker means that our unit first has to move before it can fire.

Before you attack, look carefully at the enemy’s clock. Adjust your analog clock on the side of the screen, so your unit and the enemy’s digital clock have the same time. You can then tap on the enemy to attack.

Attack an enemy in Time to Tell Time
Attacking an enemy unit.

If it is hard to read the digital clock on the enemy, you can hold your finger on the enemy, and the digital clock will temporarily be shown on the side of the screen. Be careful, so you don’t release your finger too soon, as it then will be treated as “tap” and your unit will attack.

Press and hold finger on the enemy to see the digital clock
Press and hold finger on the enemy to easier see the digital clock.

If you set the right time, the same as the digital clock, the enemy will be hit. Otherwise, it will just be a humiliating puff of white smoke.

Once a unit has fired, it has to wait for the next round until it can fire again.


Before you let the enemy respond, you must protect your towers. Adjust the analog clocks, so it matches the enemies who are most likely to fire at you. If there are several enemies within range, try to move your tower to a position so at most one enemy can attack and adjust your analog clock to match that enemy.

Once you can’t attack anymore, and all of your towers are protected as much as possible, it is time to let the enemy respond. Flip the page…

Defend your units
Defend your units…